Episode 152: The BLVD Concept of Blueprint Church- Making Disciples In Urban Contexts

May 25, 2017

Today, Dhati Lewis of the Blueprint Church joins us to talk about the BLVD concept and how it is important to make disciples right where you are at.  Lewis also discusses reaching out and discipling in the urban context.

Shownotes: http://collegiatecollective.com/episode-152-blueprint-church/


Episode 151: Awakening The Church To College Ministry - One Of The Most Receptive Mission Fields In The World

May 18, 2017

Today, Neil Reynolds joins us to talk about the importance of college ministry and how to stay encouraged through the hard times that happen while in college ministry.

Shownotes: http://collegiatecollective.com/episode-151-awakening-church/


Episode 150: Peyton Jones on Reaching The Unreached - Running Toward What Scares You

May 12, 2017

Today, Peyton Jones founder of Church Planter Magazine and Co Host of Church Planter Podcast joins us to talk about church planting and how God prepares us in His mission to reach the unreached. 


Shownotes: http://collegiatecollective.com/episode-150-peyton-jones/