Episode 135: Stadium Clean Up - The Value of Consistent Fundraising

January 19, 2017

Chase Abner and Stephen Jones of the Salt Company join the show to chat about how mobilizing students to clean up athletic stadiums can help you raise funds for your ministry. Last year Salt raised 20% of their operating budget through this partnership with the university to clean up the Iowa stadium. They will share about this and many other unorthodox methods that can help you to raising funds for your college ministry.

Shownotes: http://collegiatecollective.com/episode-135-stadium-clean/ 


Episode 134: When Your Team Says No To Church Planting

January 12, 2017

Today, Chad Frank and Matt Pardi join us to talk about their church planting problems and how to create buy in when your staff team initially says no to planting. Chad Frank has been involved in several church plants within the H2O Church Network including Akron and Kent State.  Matt Pardi is director of the H2O Church Network, which currently has planted 10 churches. 

Shownotes: http://collegiatecollective.com/episode-134-planting-problems/


Episode 133: Building A Killer Residency Program - 5 Key Steps for Leadership Development

January 5, 2017

Today, Tim Wheat joins us to talk about how to build a killer residency program. We will chat about how residencies can help leaders to grow into better Christ followers not just the flow of working for a church. 


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Episode 132: Send Cities and College Graduates - Why They Must Work Together

December 31, 2016

Today, George Ross and Micah Millican join us to talk about how college students can act as a catalyst for church planting with summer programs and Send Cities.  Micah Millican is the director of church planting relations for NAMB and George Ross is a SEND missionary in New Orleans.


Shownotes: http://collegiatecollective.com/episode-132-send-cities/


Episode 131: The Senior Exit Talk - Guiding Graduates To Strategic Destinations

December 22, 2016

Today, Dave Turner joins us to talk about getting recent graduates involved in church planting and the great commission.  This senior exit talk serves to guiding graduates to strategic destinations around the world for the mission of God. Dave is currently the College Pastor at Summit Church in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina.

Shownotes:  http://collegiatecollective.com/episode-131-senior-exit-talk/


Episode 130: Connect, Equip, Mobilize - 3 Steps To Developing Leaders

December 15, 2016

Today Daniel Polk joins us to talk about developing leaders and how to Connect, Equip, and Mobilize.  Daniel is currently the Director of College ministry at Austin Stone Community Church in Austin, Texas.


Shownotes: http://collegiatecollective.com/episode-130-connect-equip/


Episode 129: The Millennial Perspective - A New Take On Life And Learning

December 8, 2016

Today Dr. John Seel joins the show to chat with us about his research on Millennials and how they can serve the church in the years to come. Dr. Seel is a part of a cultural impact consulting firm specializing on millennials. He was the former director of cultural engagement at the John Templeton Foundation.


Shownotes: http://collegiatecollective.com/episode-129-millennial-perspective/


Episode 128: Understanding Mormonism - 3 Concepts For Engaging Mormons With The Gospel

December 1, 2016

Today, Dr. Travis Kerns joins us to talk about sharing the Gospel with Mormons from a unique perspective.  Dr. Kerns is quite experienced having lived in Salt Lake City, Utah for several years and assisting with church plants there.


Shownotes: http://collegiatecollective.com/episode-128-understanding-mormonism/


Episode 126: “Reading It Right” - A Simple Process For Daily Bible Study

November 17, 2016

Andy Addis joins us today to talk about how using a simple method can change your church into a group of disciples who can feed themselves spiritually.  Andy currently serves as a pastor at Crosspoint Church and is the author of Reading it Right. 

Shownotes: http://collegiatecollective.com/episode-126-reading-right/