Episode 170: Dorm Church - The Power of Simple Obedience

November 6, 2017

In today's Podcast, we will hear from Braden Olsen. Braden is a student at the Florida Atlantic University and recently started a Dorm Church (a church that meets in a dorm). Join us as we talk about this cool new model of ministry. 

Shownotes: http://collegiatecollective.com/episode-170-dorm-church/


Episode 169: 4 Steps To Engaging Commuter Students

October 30, 2017

Today we are meeting with the director of the BSM at the University of Texas Arlington to talk about engaging commuter students on campus. 

Shownotes: http://collegiatecollective.com/episode-169-commuter-students/


Episode 167: The Impact of Dawson Trotman - How It Applies To Your Ministry

October 23, 2017

Today, Doug Hankins joins us to talk about Dawson Trotman and what we can learn from his legacy and apply to our ministries.

Shownotes: http://collegiatecollective.com/episode-167-impact-dawson-trotman/ 


Episode 168: Alan Hirsch on APEST - And Why College Leaders Should Know It

October 20, 2017

Today, Alan Hirsch joins us to talk about how we can make mature and complete disciples in our ministries.


Shownotes: http://collegiatecollective.com/episode-168-alan-hirsch-apest/


Episode 166: Going From Leader To Planter - Leadership Pipelines with Resonate Church

October 10, 2017

Today, Keith Weiser and Craig Lovelace join us to talk about church leadership pipelines and how you can take a student from leader to planter.

Shownotes: http://collegiatecollective.com/episode-166-going-leader-planter


Episode 165: Retention, Retention, Retention - The Benefits Of College Ministry for Universities

September 28, 2017

Today, Caleb Craft joins us to talk about retention of students and the interaction of academics, social systems, and our ministries interact. 


Shownotes: http://collegiatecollective.com/episode-164-retention/ 


Episode 164: Covocational Church Planting And Why You Should Consider It

September 21, 2017

Today, Brad Brisco joins us to talk about Covocational Church Planting. We will discuss the need for people working and leading ministries at the same time as well as the benefits of it.


Shownotes: http://collegiatecollective.com/episode-164-covocational-church-planting/


Episode 163: The Silent Epidemic - Evaluating Millennials in Ministry

September 13, 2017

Today, Jessie CruikShank joins us to talk about the Silent Epidemic and evaluating Millennials in Ministry. We will discuss Generation Z and Millennials and the key to reaching the next generation.

Shownotes: http://collegiatecollective.com/episode-163-silent-epidempic/


Episode 162: Hitchhikers @ Resonate - Why You Should Be There

September 8, 2017

On today's special episode we will discuss Hitchikers @ Resonate with Rob Warren and Jonathan Yarboro. The guys will share with us the value of hitchhikers and how it can take your college ministry to the next level. 


Shownotes: http://collegiatecollective.com/episode-162-hitchhikers-resonate/


Episode 161: Building Bridges To Commuter Students

September 7, 2017

Today, Alec Brockwell joins us to talk about how you can grow your campus ministry by reaching commuter students.


Shownotes: http://collegiatecollective.com/episode-161-commuter-students/