Episode 145: Cultivating Entrepreneurs - How To Build Instead Of Borrow with Will Mancini

March 31, 2017

Will Mancini author of Church Unique and God Dreams joins us today to talk about cultivating entrepreneurs and building ownership of ideas in your church. Will will talk about the pitfalls of primarily taking ideas from other churches and how this possibly prevents you from doing what God wants in your culture.

Shownotes: http://collegiatecollective.com/episode-145-cultivating-entrepreneurs


Episode 144: Circuit Riders And The College Campus - A Historical Perspective

March 23, 2017

Today, Timothy Beougher joins us to talk about the Circuit Riders and how church planting and ministry is different from the past.

Shownotes: http://collegiatecollective.com/episode-144-circuit-riders/


Episode 143: Raising Them Right - Preparing Students For Overseas Missions

March 16, 2017

Today, Jack Smith and Kendra Gustafson join us to talk about four keys to prepare for an overseas missions trip with students.  


Shownotes: http://collegiatecollective.com/episode-143-overseas-missions/


Episode 142: Crossing The Pond - The Benefits Of Overseas Missions

March 9, 2017

Today, Jack Smith and Mike Easton join us to talk about the importance of college students going on overseas missions trips.  Smith is currently in the field in Southeast Asia and Easton is the Missions Director at Cornerstone Church in Ames, Iowa.


Shownotes:  http://collegiatecollective.com/episode-142-overseas-missions/


Episode 141: Hitchhikers Conference - An Unrivaled Opportunity To Learn, Connect, and Grow

March 2, 2017

Today, Chase Abner, Rahul Agarwal, and Gus Hernandez join us to share their experience with the Hitchhikers conference and how they could help your ministry.


Shownotes: http://collegiatecollective.com/episode-141-hitchhikers-conference/


Episode 140: Turning Vision Into Reality - Resonate’s Goal To Plant 17 Churches in 6 Years

February 23, 2017

Today, Josh Martin and Juan Cuevas join us to talk about how you can turn a vision of being a church that plants churches into a reality.  Martin and Cuevas are a part of Resonate Church in Washington which has a vision of planting 21 churches by 2021.

Shownotes: http://collegiatecollective.com/episode-140-turning-vision-reality/


Episode 139: Planting Churches in Catholic Cathedrals

February 16, 2017

Today, Christian Lachance and Chad Vandiver join us to talk about planting churches in repurposed Catholic Cathedrals in Quebec and how they are reaching the city.  Christian is a lead pastor and church planter in Quebec. Chad Vandiver is the SEND Missionary to Montreal. 

Shownotes: http://collegiatecollective.com/episode-139-planting-cathedrals/


Episode 138: The Audacious Vision of 21×21 - Multiplication In Church Planting

February 9, 2017

Today, Keith Wieser, Craig Lovelace, and Chris Routen join us to talk about their Audacious Vision called 21x21 and about how vision affects culture. Wieser, Lovelace, and Routen are a part of Resonate Church. Resonate is one church with five sites on college campuses in the Northwest which is passionate about planting churches.  

Shownotes: http://collegiatecollective.com/episode-138-audacious-vision-21x21/ 


Episode 137: Culture Building - 6 Steps For Creating Collegiate Culture

February 2, 2017

Today, Cody Cline and Drew Stevenson Cody Cline & Drew Stevenson join us to talk about how relationships with students and high expectations can create a culture building leaders.  Building these healthy cultures can help take your ministry to the next level. Cody Cline is currently the Staff Director and Community Pastor at Candeo Church.  Cline is a graduate of Midwestern Theological Seminary and Former Community Pastor at Cornerstone Church in Ames, Iowa.   Drew Stevenson served with CRU for three years, worked as Freshman director at Cornerstone at Ames and is currently the Teaching Pastor at Veritas in Iowa City.

Shownotes: http://collegiatecollective.com/episode-137-culture-building/


Episode 136: The Retention Benefit - 4 Ways College Ministry Adds Value To Universities

January 26, 2017

Today, Caleb Craft joins us to talk about how we can partner with student affairs and the retention benefit it can bring. Craft currently is a pastor at Newlife OSU and works in student affairs at the Ohio State University.


Shownotes: http://collegiatecollective.com/episode-136-retention-benefit/